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What Is Team Coaching?

What Is Team Coaching?

The purpose of team coaching is to drive the team towards accomplishing a goal, whether it be completing a particular project, starting a new business unit or meeting sales efforts. Team coaching involves one outside coach and a team of people in an organization. Team coaches are brought in to work with teams to help accelerate their performance.

The normal progression of a team consists of four stages, starting with forming - where teammates are introduced, rules are established and objectives are decided upon. Next, the team moves to storming - where personalities clash and disagreements occur. This is acompletely normal part of team progression, although some teams have a higher degree of storming than others.

After storming comes norming - where the conflicts have been settled and teammates learn how to work together efficiently and effectively. The final stage is performing, which is where teams start producing results and accomplishing the objectives they started out to achieve.

Sometimes teams get stuck in the storming stage or never really move past norming into performing. Or sometimes a team may be performing then slip backwards into a storming phase if conflict arises. Every time the team adds or loses a new member, it must start back at the forming stage again.

An effective coach can assist with all four of these levels so a team doesn’t stay in one phase longer than necessary, moving the team to the performing phase more quickly.

What Do Team Coaches Help With?

A team coach will assist a team in staying on track to accomplish their goal. Depending on your coach and your situation, this could include:

  • Facilitating team meetings
  • Establishing expectations through a team charter
  • Assisting with creation of an action plan
  • Ensuring each team member is clear on his or her role(s)
  • Maintaining accountability for individuals
  • Managing any conflicts that arise
  • Confronting and addressing team-busters like groupthink, micromanaging, social loafing, and unresolved conflict
  • Moving the team towards completion of project on time and on budget

It is important to know that an effective coach does not need to be an expert in your industry. A coach does not give advice or solutions. A great team coach will be skilled at active listening and be able to ask curious questions without judgement or trying to sway the group decision to one way of thinking. A team coach will ask questions that help the group decide what is best for the team.

What Are The Benefits Of Team Coaching?

Team coaching can provide multiple benefits to the individual, the team and the organization. Depending on the set-up of your team coaching environment and the needs and goals of your organization, there are many benefits that could be realized.

Benefits to the individual

  • Learn about other team members in a safe environment
  • Share perspectives in a safe environment
  • Be part of a winning team
  • Be more engaged at work

Benefits to the team

  • Establish a team charter
  • Create an action plan
  • Maintain accountability
  • Showcase individual strengths within the team
  • Resolve conflicts effectively
  • Collaborate towards a common goal

Benefits to the organization

  • Less expensive than one-on-one coaching
  • Experience effective teams that meet their goals
  • Move the company forward
  • Increase employee retention

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Eman Haji

عندما يشعر احدهم أنه في مكان مظلم، أساعده بإنارة الاضواء لرؤية الحياة بشكل اوضح. أو قد يشعر أنه ضائع، أساعده لملاحظة مايريد للوصول الى ما يرغب به. او قد يكون غائص في مشاعر الخوف/ الحزن/ الملل فأشجعه على الحركة والسباحة في بحر الحياة. . أنا هنا لأساعدك لتخوض أنت هذه الرحلة، لتلاحظ اختياراتك، لتدرك أفعالك، لترى الحياة بشكل أوضح. . سأسلمك مقود حياتك وأساعدك لقيادة حياتك للوصول الى ما ترغب وتحب.


Hourly Rate: $50to $100
Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Team Coach

ممارس معتمد في نظرية الاختيار والعلاج الواقعي من معهد ويليام جلاسر - الولايات المتحدة مدرب معتمد كوتش سعادة Instagram Account: Emii_h
See Full Profile

Interviewed by Transform Nations

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Request Free Consultation Not Availableyes

Hasan Al-Qahtani

من وجهة نظري العميل المثالي هي : العميل الذي يقوم بإلزام الغير على احترامه ؛ لما يقدمه من أخلاق رفيعة المستوى تفرض على الغير احترامه .


Hourly Rate: $150to $250
Leadership Coach, Family Coach, Team Coach

أنا مدرب في عدة مجالات : - مجال التطوير المؤسسي . - مجال تنمية الموارد البشرية . - مجال تنمية الذات - المجال الأسري
See Full Profile

Interviewed by Transform Nations

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Request Free Consultation Not Availableyes

Abeer AlRasbi

Early/middle career individuals/leaders and teams to find their “Why”, blossom their lives and career. Corporate and organizations to discover hidden potentials of their teams to reach the highest team-harmony and productivity.


Hourly Rate: $100to $500
Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Team Coach

Dr. Abeer Naajem AlRasbi, A Leadership Development and Personal/Career Coach. I am a certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker from John Maxwell Leadership Academy and an ICF under approval certifi...
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Interviewed by Transform Nations

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Request Free Consultation Not Availableyes

Elias Zayek

My courses help clients obtain the right tools for building self-confidence, promote positive behavioral changes and improve interpersonal relationship skills and overall emotional and physical well-being. Providing them sustainable ways to express their feelings, interact with others and learn healthy behavioral habits. The class is a free-spirited but focused discipline that will provide its members with the context to EXPERIMENT, share their STORIES, set GOALS. solve PROBLEMS,EXPRESS feelings


Hourly Rate: $150to $300
Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Life Coach

I obtained my 2-year full acting program and degree at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in Los Angeles with a resume that includes feature films, theatrical productions, commercials and award-winning...
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Interviewed by Transform Nations

Marina, United Arab Emirates

Request Free Consultation Not Availableyes

Mahmoud Elkholy

During Mental journey, I had a massive success story with different athletes with the following medals that they didn't win before working together: 1st rank for Saudi Olympics in karate for women. 1st rank for Saudi selective championship in Basketball for Youth. 2nd rank for Asian Championship in karate. 3rd rank for World championship for karate for universities. 2nd rank for Saudi league for Handball. 2nd rank of Egyptian league for females' teenagers for Gymnastics.


Hourly Rate: $80to $175
Team Coach, Relationship Coach, Life Coach

I had different scopes with years of experience in team coaching for corporates. but the main niche that I currently work for is sports mental coach for athletes with many clubs & academies. I'm prepa...
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Interviewed by Transform Nations

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Request Free Consultation Not Availableyes

Sarah Helmi

I am happy to accompany anyone who is willing to improve the quality of their life and achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.


Hourly Rate: $45to $150
Life Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach

After 20 years of actively working in the corporate world in Marketing and Business Development in international markets I decided to change my focus to my passion for helping people and started worki...
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Interviewed by Transform Nations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Request Free Consultation Not Availableyes