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rasha Al-Aloosi

rasha Al-Aloosi

Life Coach, Family Coach, Relationship Coach

As a life coach, I am able to assist clients of all ages who are feeling lost, unhappy, lacking self-esteem, and unmotivated to reach their goals. With my four years of experience, I can employ a range of approaches and tools to help my clients to concentrate on what they truly want.

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sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Hourly Rate : USD 100 to USD 130
Gender : Female
Training : ICF certified by Flow Coaching Institute

About Me

"As a life coach, I am committed to assisting individuals in realizing their full potential and achieving their personal and professional objectives." With four years of coaching expertise, I've gained a great understanding of what it takes to effect significant, long-term change in people's lives. My coaching method is based on empathy, active listening, and a strong dedication to understanding my clients' individual needs and goals. Whether you want to overcome personal issues, negotiate career transitions, or simply find more happiness in your life, I am here to help. I work cooperatively with my clients to determine their skills, values, and priorities through one-on-one coaching sessions. We collaborate to develop a personalized success path that is tailored to your individual goals and circumstances. I am here to support and encourage you on your journey, whether it is to gain confidence, improve communication skills, or develop a growth mindset.

In my role as a life coach, my primary goal is to help you reach your full potential and lead the life you deserve. I believe that if you have my support and guidance, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve success and pleasure. If you are willing to go forward towards a brighter future, I can help you. "Let's get started today!"
We can communicate in both English and Arabic.

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